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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “The Global Market for Nanocoatings to 2030” report has been added to’s offering.

The incorporation of nanomaterials into thin films, coatings and surfaces leads to new functionalities, completely innovative characteristics and the possibility to achieve multi-functional coatings and smart coatings.

The use of nanomaterials also results in performance enhancements in wear, corrosion-wear, fatigue and corrosion resistant coatings. Nanocoatings demonstrate significant enhancement in outdoor durability and vastly improved hardness and flexibility compared to traditional coatings.

Recent advances in scalable nanocoatings production are leading to mass produced commercial applications in consumer electronics (waterproofing), wearables (moisture protection), solar cells (self-cleaning), construction (exterior protection and light filtering) and automotive (anti-corrosion). All the latest industry innovations to January 2018 are covered in this report.

Report contents include:

  • Size in value for the nanocoatings market, and growth rate during the forecast period, 2017-2030. Historical figures are also provided, from 2010
  • Size in value for the End-user industries for nanocoatings and growth during the forecast period
  • Market drivers, trends and challenges, by end user markets
  • The regional markets for nanocoatings
  • Market outlook for 2018
  • In-depth market assessment of opportunities for nanocoatings, by type and markets
  • The latest trends in nanostructured surface treatments and coatings
  • Benefits of nanocoatings, by markets and applications
  • Addressable markets for nanocoatings, by nanocoatings type and industry
  • Estimated market revenues for nanocoatings to 2030, by nanocoatings type and end user markets
  • Activities of nanocoatings companies including industry collaborations and agreements in 2018
  • Functional and smart nanocoatings applications
  • 360 company profiles including products and target markets

Topics Covered

1 Introduction

1.1 Aims and objectives of the study

1.2 Market definition

2 Research Methodology

3 Executive Summary

3.1 High performance coatings

3.2 Nanocoatings

3.3 Market drivers and trends

3.4 Global market size and opportunity to 2030

3.5 Market and technical challenges

4 Nanocoatings Technical Analysis

4.1 Properties of nanocoatings

4.2 Benefits of using nanocoatings

4.3 Production and synthesis methods

4.4 Hydrophobic coatings and surfaces

4.5 Superhydrophobic coatings and surfaces

4.6 Oleophobic and omniphobic coatings and surfaces

5 Nanomaterials Used In Nanocoatings

5.1 Graphene

5.2 Carbon Nanotubes

5.3 Silicon Dioxide/Silica Nanoparticles

5.4 Nanosilver

5.5 Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles

5.6 Aluminium Oxide Nanoparticles

5.7 Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles

5.8 Dendrimers

5.9 Nanocelulose


6 Nanocoatings Market Structure

7 Market Segment Analysis, By Nanocoatings Type

7.1 Anti-Fingerprint Nanocoatings

7.2 Anti-Bacterial Nanocoatings

7.3 Anti-Corrosion Nanocoatings

7.4 Abrasion & Wear-Resistant Nanocoatings

7.5 Barrier Nanocoatings

7.6 Anti-Fouling And Easy-To-Clean Nanocoatings

7.7 Self-Cleaning (Bionic) Nanocoatings

7.8 Self-Cleaning (Photocatalytic) Nanocoatings

7.9 Uv-Resistant Nanocoatings

7.10 Thermal Barrier And Flame Retardant Nanocoatings

7.11 Anti-Icing And De-Icing

7.12 Anti-Reflective Nanocoatings

7.13 Self-Healing Nanocoatings

8 Market Segment Analysis, By End User Market

8.1 Aviation And Aerospace

8.2 Automotive

8.3 Construction

8.4 Electronics

8.5 Household Care, Sanitary And Indoor Air Quality

8.6 Marine

8.7 Medical & Healthcare

8.8 Military And Defence

8.9 Packaging

8.10 Textiles And Apparel

8.11 Energy

8.12 Oil And Gas

8.13 Tools And Machining

8.14 Anti-Counterfeiting

9 Nanocoatings Companies

9.1 United States (137 Company Profiles)

9.2 Canada (15 Company Profiles)

9.3 Europe (153 Company Profiles)

9.4 Australia (6 Company Profiles)

9.5 Asia (53 Company Profiles)

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