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A new FedEx (FDX) and Microsoft (MSFT) partnership will bring advanced tools like artificial intelligence and data analytics to the shipping giant’s enterprise customers.

The first new offering,FedEx Surround, will combine FedEx’s shipment scanning tools and Microsoft AI — giving companies access to nearly real-time data surroundingsupply chainshipments, including temperature and current zip code.

They can also tap into data on external factors like weather and traffic patterns, and adjust shipment routes on the fly to avoid delays. 

FedEx Surround will roll out in the coming months as part of the partnership, which comes as FedEx has suffered bruising recent quarters.

The logistics giant already relied heavily on technology to power its massive physical network, but FedEx COO Raj Subramaniam told CNN Business the Microsoft partnership will bring it to the next level. 

“We [have] almost 700 aircraft and 180,000 motorized vehicles … We are one of the very, very few systems in the world that can pick up a package anywhere in the world and put it down anywhere else in the world,” Subramaniam said.

But “we think now is the time to reimagine what the future of FedEx is going to be.