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COMMENT: Prices have skyrocketed for relievers, both in dollars and trade value, and that’s likely what is taking so long for the next Cardinals move. Addison Reed (above) makes the most sense — he won’t have the contract some of the top relievers received, and he has experience in the 9th and arguably has been better than some other options (Colome).

COMMISH: Addison Reed has been reported to be going to a couple of different clubs already but those deals apparently fell through. If he is healthy, the Cardinals surely are still in that market although whether they would go to three years at $10 million or so a year is a question. Colome still is an option, too, depending on what the Rays want.

Follow-up: Would a Flaherty/Grichuk combination be enough or too much to acquire Colome from the Rays or Hand from the Padres? Or would an Addison Reed signing be more palatable?

COMMISH: I’m not a big fan of Hand. Flaherty/Grichuk would be too much to acquire either Colome or Hand, if Flaherty is as good as scouts think he is. 

Follow-up: Will the Cardinals go after Greg Holland?

COMMISH: The Cardinals have little or no interest in giving Holland four years for anything near Davis money. Three years would be debatable.